Detail’s Of Our Principal/ Medical Superintendent

Date Of Birth – 7/2/1968

Age – 50

Registration No. – 45258

Qualification – B.A.M.S , M.D

Date Of Joining – 18/01/2012

Complete Address –  Laxmi Niwas 15/113

K-1H Mambaiya Near Nityanand Hospital

Post –Sarnath, Varanashi (U.P) 

E-Mail –

Mob. No. – 7379238343

Profile of Principal


  • It is a matter of great honour and pleasure to the Ayurveda Institution like Major S.D. Singh P.G. Ayurvedic Medical College, Farrukhabad that the Ayurveda education is going through a unique change in this era. Keeping in tune to the ever-growing needs of students & health seekers, we are dedicated to provide quality education & health care facilities to the society.
  • Our focus is to inculcate ayurvedic graduates, post graduates with theoretical, practical & clinical knowledge to serve humanity with the help of wonderful infrastructure, highly qualified & skilled teaching staff. We have been able to achieve the tremendous task of giving 100 ayurvedic doctors and 84 specialists in each year to the society.
  • The faculty & PG Scholars are given a platform to take up research projects & make a contribution in documenting & updating the eternal science of healing.
  • The hospital of the institution is latest well equipped & serenely placed rendering selfless service for the sufferers, with Ayurvedic medicine backed of with modern medical technologies. We are dedicated to give brilliant and quality education & health care system to mankind.
  • With the advancement of science and technology Ayurveda has also made significant strides keeping its originality in fact.
  • Even many modern innovations of allopathic medicine like plastic surgery is said to have originated from Ayurveda.
  • In fact Ayurveda is a vast field covering all aspect off the body diseases and sound living. Which requires continuous and through research by the talented persons. Now a days Ayurveda is more popular in India as well as International countries.
  • Ayurveda has evolved over the years and is now integrated with other traditional practices, including yoga.
  • It is the utmost responsibility and bounded duty of all the doctors under Ayurveda stream to try their level best to make innovations in Ayurveda.

  • Contrary to the global scene, Ayurvedic Institutions in India consistently urge for scientific rooting of Ayurvedic principles. A connotation of linking science and Ayurveda is well perceived by Ayurvedic physicians in India, and Institution like Banaras Hindu University (BHU) have pioneered this thought.
  • The recent decade has witnessed many landmark observations, which have added to the scientific credentials of Ayurveda. It is however believed that instead of a retrospective approach of looking into the Ayurveda through the scientific reappraisals, a prospective approach through primary understanding of Ayurveda followed by a search into scientific linkage would be more appealing. This article brings the simplified yet scientific decoding of the core concepts of Ayurveda that form the framework of this ancient science of health. 
    So that it can match other modern systems of medicine which will go a long way in popularizing Ayurveda among the masses.